Best Ways to Find Cheaper Flights

Finding a cheap flight can be a daunting experience if you don’t know where to start.

A few great online spots have been created to ensure you can find the very best deals in flights at any given date.

Just insert your preferred dates and destination and off you go.

However, to make sure you get the very best price, follow some of these expert tips!

Book Ahead

Booking ahead is great, but not too ahead. Most booking websites recommend buying 50-60 days before.

It’s a fact that this prediction will vary according to time of the year and destination, but if you’re really after the very best price, this is the window of time you should aim for if you want the very lowest price.

Avoid Booking on Weekends

Tuesdays and Thursdays are the perfect days of the week to buy your ticket.

They are so because demand is often at its lowest, whilst if you look up the same route on a Friday or Sunday, you’ll be certain to find that prices have gone up – usually to go down again earlier in the next week.

Compare Several Airlines

Depending on the route you’re after, you may have several different airlines operating it.

Low-cost carriers have better odds of offering a lower fare, especially because they usually start from the grounds where you carry no hold luggage and no extra services.

Even so, it’s always a good idea to compare beforehand and perhaps you can grab a deal in your favourite airline!

Use a Specific Fare Finder

There are a few useful fare finders online that will deliver prices in real-time for your favourite route.

These can work wonders for you as you can “watch” a price and receive notifications if the price goes down – ideally – or up.

Again, if it’s the weekend and you see the price of your flight in a few week’s time go up, don’t panic. Odds are that it will again go down during the weekdays.

Fly to Smaller Airports

Do you know that Rome has two airports? And that both the main hub and smaller hub are approximately the same distance from the city center?

That’s right. By checking out secondary airports, you can be looking at massive savings, as these are usually served by many low-cost operators that can offer unbeatable prices. You’ll still get to your destination, the only difference is that you can spoil yourself a little more!

Be Flexible

If your dates are flexible enough, you will find huge fluctuations in price.

It’s only when you want to take a week off that sets you off on Friday and returning on a Sunday that things can get crazy.

Give it a few days of margin on each end and odds are that you will likely save a considerable amount.

There are, however, no magical rules that will guarantee you a cheap fare. It will always vary according to these factors and a few more that are out of your hands. These will surely ensure you have the best odds of finding the very best deal and fly off in style – and a small budget!


Getting a Loan with a Better APR

APR is a common term you will come across whenever you try to borrow money. It stands for Annual Percentage Rate but it shouldn’t be mistaken for interest rate, which is different. APR tells you how much your loan will cost you in a single year. By understanding this amount, you will be able to compare loans from different companies and choose the one that works best for you. So don’t rush and pick from any random doorstep loans you might find and use a trusted comparison site. Usually, a lower APR is better than a higher one with mortgages being an exception.

Some loans have fixed APR whereas others have variable APR. Whether you pay a high APR or low APR on loans depends on the type of loan you plan to get. Home loans and auto loans come with lower rates as the property or vehicle can be used as collateral. Lenders usually allow lower rates when they know that you can pay them back reliably. Those looking for loans for bad credit will, unfortunately, find themselves paying a higher rate usually. Here are some tips on getting a loan with a better APR.

1) Shop Around

Don’t settle for just any doorstep loans that might come your way. You need to shop around and compare APRs to find the lowest one. Don’t trust anyone. Do the research on your own.

2) Clear Your Debts

This is another crucial aspect of finding the best loan. If you have sizeable debts, you won’t be eligible for loans with low APR. If you have a sizable credit card balance, you need to clear as much as you can before applying for a loan. The last thing you want is to find the perfect loan and realize that you’re not eligible for it.

3) Check the Fine Print

Even if a low APR loan looks great on paper, always make sure you read the fine print. Some institutions have rather nefarious ways of extracting money from their clients. If you do get a loan, make sure that it is one that you can pre-close without having to pay a large fee.

4) Consider Alternate Routes

Banks aren’t the only place where you can borrow money. You can try peer to peer lending services like Zopa which is essentially an online marketplace for lending money. It links borrowers and lenders but applicants do need to be eligible before they can be accepted.

5) Understand What You Are Getting Into

This is of paramount importance. Sometimes you might feel like you have no choice but to look for a loan. However, you need to plan everything properly to ensure that you will be able to make the payments consistently over the specified amount of time. Defaulting on loan payments can destroy your credit score.


No matter what type of loan you choose always strives to maintain a good credit record. Depending on how good your credit record is and which loan matching service you use, you have better chances of securing a low APR loan.